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Make stress your friend – Meditation in a minute.

Vikki KellyI am so excited to be able to share with you one of the most effective tools for training your mind I have ever come across, The Pay Attention Effect..

I’ve been practicing, teaching and/or researching the principles and benefits of training your mind through meditation for over twenty years now, and I can guarantee this technique is by far the most effective I have come across, for myself and the thousands of people I have worked with.

So, whether you are looking to reduce your stress, increase your energy or simply explore the multiple benefits of strengthening your capacity for mindfulness and paying attention – please join me for an evening of learning, discovery and practical tools and ideas that may transform the way you choose to live, love parent and serve.

You’ll learn:

  • VIDEO 300x168 the latest science and research on mindfulness
  • 5 things you must know about your mind to reduce stress and improve your relationships and your life
  • mental sit ups and how to transform, ‘chaos to calm’, ‘fear to fun’, ‘painful to powerful’ – all in less than one minute
  • how we are endangering young minds and what we can do about it
  • ‘pay attention’ parenting tips
  • how to re-wire your brain for success, happiness and fulfillment

Two Special Nights


Tuesday 19th November 7pm
Auckland – Novatel Ellerslie. Greenlane East Rd, Greenlane


Wednesday 20th November 7pm
Pukekohe – Franklin Centre. Pukekohe Library, Pukekohe


Click here to learn more and register today.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator, someone who has dabbled and/or given up, or if you’ve never tried meditation but always wanted to …… this workshop is right for you!

To learn more click here or call 0274 317 607 to discuss your specific questions

I look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Vikki Kelly

P.S. My promise….I am so confident that you will love the information and tools explored at this event, that if, at the end of the night you don’t believe the program was of any value – I ‘promise’ a full refund of your registration fee – No questions asked!

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