Modern Life is anything but Simple. We are in an age of expansion not seen before. We juggle multiple roles, chase our never ending to do lists and many of us are entrapped in the web of technology as it advances and expands and intrudes into every corner of our existence . The expectation we place on ourselves and those imposed upon us have never been greater – and the very things that may serve to help us maintain balance including solitude, down time, ordinary pleasures, connecting with nature and connection (no device) time with family and friends are fast becoming redundant in our over stimulated, distraction laden existences Mindful living practices offer a great start to re-claiming the ‘simple’ in your life and more than that – strengthening your ability to be more mindful is a powerful way to enhance all areas of your life.

This survey is designed to help you identify where you sit on the mindful living scale and whether you need to take some action to strengthen your capacity for mindful living.

Please take the time to complete this survey – if you have any questions or would like to discuss your results – please email me personally or go to for tips and tools on mindful living.

Please use the scale below to grade your answers:

0 = Never    |   1 = Rarely    |   2 = Sometimes    |   3 = Frequently    |   4 = Always

Welcome to your Mindful Living Survey

I get easily side tracked when I am trying to focus
I find myself often doing multiple tasks at a time
I tend to eat on the run or while doing something else
I find myself driving to somewhere familiar when I should be going somewhere else
I feel overwhelmed often and can feel a sense of panic easily
I feel tired but can’t sleep
To get everything done, I find myself running mental to do lists over and over in my head
I sleep with the phone by my bed and find myself checking emails late at night or first thing when I wake
I am irritable, over reactive and short tempered even if only on the inside
I notice at times throughout the day I am fidgeting
I feel a little anxious if I do not have my phone with me
I check and scroll on my phone at least 10 times per hour
I get bored with conversations
I forget peoples names
I don’t always pick up on how people are feeling
I catch myself constantly pushing the refresh screen button on my phone in case I miss a txt or phone call
I either forget to eat or feel as though I could eat the entire contents of my fridge because I am so hungry
I find myself craving sweet foods, especially in the afternoon
I notice I can unintentionally bring my work problems home or vice versa
I eat foods that I know are not helpful to me
I notice I yawn or sigh frequently
I often don’t remember driving from point A to point B
I don’t feel in control of my emotions
I try to stay busy if I feel unpleasant thoughts or feelings