Liberating your best in 2017

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GOAL PLANNER ENERGISE & EXECUTE 2017 Setting goals can be a daunting task. Many people set their goals not from inspiration, but out of the space of reservation, desperation or…

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The pursuit of mindful living and the 3 second kiss

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Modern Life is anything but Simple. We are in an age of expansion not seen before and doesn’t look like slowing anytime soon. We juggle multiple roles, chase our  never…

Special Event Invitation

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Make stress your friend – Meditation in a minute. I am so excited to be able to share with you one of the most effective tools for training your mind…

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Wired to Wander

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Ever noticed how your mind has a tendency to just randomly wander from thought to thought, distraction to distraction. Think about it – it’s happening right now! Our natural state,…

One word is all it takes

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Here we are – another year – another ‘new beginning’ Time to stop ruminating over what ‘should have been’, or rationalising why things didn’t get ticked off your 2012 list….


Dorothy and her friends had it right!

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This one word is truly the elixir of willing compliance! And…. may just be the ‘key word’ for marital bliss, perfectly compliant children, willing respondent staff, and loyal engaged customers… your mouth watering?

Mirror, Mirror ……. in my brain?

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There is no real independent self, aloof from other human beings, inspecting the world, inspecting other people. You are, in fact, connected not just via Facebook and Internet, you’re actually…

Vision makes all the difference

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‘Vision comes alive, ONLY when it is shared’                                                                         (Westley and Mitzberg)   I find it fascinating at my seminars when I ask how many people have a vision –…