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Liberating your best in 2017

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Setting goals can be a daunting task. Many people set their goals not from inspiration, but out of the space of reservation, desperation or obligation (because someone told them they had to).

There is another way. A way to design your targets and goals from a place of what matter most – to YOU! A simple step by step process to align your actions with your hearts dreams and desires.

Step 1: Decide on your Top Five priorities. Not just at work, but in your life.

One of my favourite reads this year was the book ‘18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done’ The book suggest to choose your top five priorities and then spend 90 – 95 percent of your time doing only those activities, leaning towards saying “no” or delegating virtually everything else.

This idea made a lasting impression on me when it came to getting my book out.
It remains a ‘work on’ area for me but definitely improves my productivity and energy.

Areas of life to consider in your planning: personal wellbeing, finances, relationships, work/career/business, spirituality, growth and learning, the wider world.

To give you an idea of how this worked for me, here are my top five priorities for 2017 – in priority order:

(1) Strengthen my personal energy and joy and connection with my highest self

(2) Nurture my family, home, and closest friendships

(3) Focus on development and growth with Edge, M2.0, and finances

(4) Develop and deliver mindfulness based programs for individuals, coaches and groups/organisations

(5) Increase community outreach and social enterprise

Once you define these 5 areas – it will help shape your goals, weekly plans, to do lists and daily actions.

Consider these questions:

  • What brings meaning and fulfilment to your life?
  • What are some outcomes you would love to achieve within the year ahead?
  • What have you neglected, that you know would be a game changer with some attention and focused effort?
  • What are the areas that matter most to you and bring you the most joy and ease when they are in harmony.

Step 2: Get your ideas/dreams onto paper – Organise your thoughts and spark your creativity.

Write your ideas for your ‘goals/things you want to achieve’ on your chart using each of your priority areas as a guide eg #1 -strengthen my personal energy – on my chart – start– going to bed by 10pm, stop – working on screen after 8pm, more – water, less – coffee.

Step 3: Set projects/targets and goals and organise your weekly plan, tasks and daily priority actions towards your goals using the same chart as a guide.

Now that you know what your priorities are, and you have set your goals for each area, you can map your execution plan.

Step 4: Organise your action list both weekly and daily.

On Friday I do my best to invest 15 minutes prioritising and organising for the week ahead, so that I can free up my brain and energy for weekend fun.
I list items that are incomplete from current week and add things that need to be actioned in the coming week towards my priority goals.

I highlight the three most important things on that list, a strategy I learned from one of my first coaches.
Attend to your “Other 10%” list’ – you can guesstimate spending about 60 -90 minutes a day on ‘to do’ list tasks that don’t cut it as a Top-Five priority. If you are noticing its more than that, you may need to look at your other 10% list and redefine your relationship with these tasks – ie – you can ask the question….. how does doing this task/action help me achieve one of my ‘top 5’ – if it doesn’t you may need to look at delegating or dumping.

I also spend a little time on my list at the end of each day, ensuring I cross of all completed items for that little burst of happy hormones.

If your week is anything like most peoples, things can pop up that need action/attention. One of my morning tasks is to re-focus myself to my list – highlighting the 3 MOST important tasks to action that day and re-organising anything that comes up as an ‘urgent’ for that day.

Making sure I always have my top 5 priority areas informing my plan.

Give yourself time to develop this new habit – it will take some additional effort at the beginning but will quickly become a habit if you stick at it. If you do fall off track, that’s ok simply return to your priority execution plan whenever you can.

I’d really love for this outline to help you towards effectively managing your tasks, your time and your energy to allow you to accomplish more of what matters most to you.

When we organise our days, weeks and lives towards what we value most , we liberate ourselves through our heart rather than our rushing which energises our beautiful meaningful life into daily existence.