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I would love you to join me in my life long experiment. To live as openly, connected and passionately as I can, day to day, moment to moment. In the good times and the bad. I want to explore the depths of my compassion for myself and for others. To cultivate and deepen my awareness and my capacity to love. To brighten my mind and open my heart. I’d love you to join me.

Forget the rules and throw away the cushion. Join Vikki as she explores mindfulness like never before. Mindful 2.0 is about allowing your life to inform your practice towards healthier habits of mind. Over 50, simple, highly effective activities and practices to calm a stressed mind, create space between the ‘rush’ and re-connect you with your inner bliss. Mindful 2.0 is your companion guide in the worthwhile pursuit of a calmer, happier and more deeply connected life.

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Join Vikki as she explores mindfulness like never before

Reduce stress, increase happiness and allow joy to emerge | Cultivate calm and ease, moment to moment | Strengthen healthier habits of mind | Deeper connections with self and those you love the most | Slow down and achieve more


I’m a better friend, a better wife and a way better mother – most of all I love who I am now I am practicing my ‘pay attention’ mental sit ups – Love it!


I didn’t realise how easy training my mind could be – and the results – WOW!


This is truly inspiring. It picks you up and gives you the tools and confidence to pick others up and inspire them


I found the ‘tips’ added greatly to my Mindful lifestyle. They are so simple (as are all Mindfulness techniques) and accessible. I certainly will follow Vikki’s wisdoms and further seminars with interest from here on in.

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